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Take your senses for an adventure, exploring and experiencing the countless cuisines and styles found all over the kingdom. Whether it is a modern menu that you seek, or an ancient recipe that sailed across the centuries, with easy-umrah; you’re guaranteed to find it.

Restaurants in Madinah


A Casual Dining Cafeteria that serves International food in modern, innovative way. sandwiches,

Cuisine: International Food
King Faisal Street, Northern Central Zone, Medina, Saudi Arabia, 423112537

Chinese Dragon Restaurant

The oriental thrilling flavours of china delivered in a an elegant fashion to add a certain touch

Cuisine: Chinese Food
Abo Bakr Al Siddiq, Bir Uthman, Medina 42331


A vast array of international dishes presented in such perfect dining environment to insure the

Cuisine: International
Badaah, Medina 42311

Beiruti Restaurant

The finest dishes of the famous Lebanese cuisine presented in the classic Lebanese dining hall,

Cuisine: Lebanese
Al Abbas Ibn Ubadah, Ar Ranuna, Medina 42392


One of the oldest most highly regarded establishments for the beloved local dishes of

Cuisine: Local Food


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