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Take your senses for an adventure, exploring and experiencing the countless cuisines and styles found all over the kingdom. Whether it is a modern menu that you seek, or an ancient recipe that sailed across the centuries, with easy-umrah; you’re guaranteed to find it.

Restaurants in Makkah

Al Bani

Classic Indian food with a local twist, they’re quick to greet you with a smile as they show you to your table where you can try different

Cuisine: Indian
Al Shoqiyah, Mecca 24351

Gado Gado

Be creative and get a taste of everything with Gado Gado’s custom menus where you can create your perfect plate of

Cuisine: Indonesian
Al Nuzaha, Makkah, 24225


Traditional Saudi cuisines that form a great meal to bring the family together for some savoury local dishes.

Cuisine: Local
Wali al-ahd St, Makkah


A milestone of Makkah, Afandim restaurant has been presenting the people of Makkah of a wide variety of dishes for years,

Cuisine: Turkish
Al Hujoon St, Ad Diyafah, Mecca 24221


Indian food presented in a fine, modern manner. Creating a unique atmosphere of the strong, tasty flavours of the Indian
Cuisine: Indian
Al awali, mecca

Shawerma and Sauce

Shawerma is one of the most popular middle-eastern foods, this mouth-watering global phenomena of a dish is served with your

Cuisine: Shawerma
Al Shoqiyah, Mecca 24351


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